Trestle table

Price: CHF 4’370

The Trestle table by Heerenhuis is available in different sizes and impresses with its robust and timeless design. The sturdy table top, about 4 cm thick, rests on two table trestles. Made of solid oak, the wood brings the natural beauty of nature into your living space. Each table top is unique with a unique grain. The surface of the table top is triple sealed with a matte varnish, which makes it particularly durable. UV protection preserves the light color of the oak.

The dining table is the central meeting place in your home, so it should be built to last a lifetime. Trestle table reliably embodies this philosophy. This oak table is made by hand in Belgium. The table top is elegantly shaped and supported by two sturdy trestles that provide solid support.

The Trestle table by Heerenhuis combines quality craftsmanship, natural beauty and timeless design. Make a statement in your living space with this unique table that offers both functionality and aesthetics. Rejoice in the unique charisma of oak and enjoy the convivial atmosphere that this table brings to your home.

Oak is a natural wood that will age beautifully over time if well cared for. We recommend gently buffing out stains with a wood cleaner and applying a soft wax each year to keep the wood supple.

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