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When we left our Parson Russel Terrier Jerry alone at home, we wanted to know how well-behaved he really was. So we set up a camera: Our little angel, who usually always gave the dining area a wide berth, suddenly stood proudly on the dining table in several film sequences and “cleaned” the wooden tabletop with relish and thoroughness! Thus, the inspiration for the visual and the basic idea for our online store Livingtree was born.

We believe in big ideas such as community not competition, “don’t believe everything you think” and Ho’oponopono. Our offer is accordingly curated with heart, guided by aesthetics and inspired by design.


We love the beautiful living, which combines cozy with style. The home with an individual touch combined with solid design quality. All this preferably in harmony and with humor: in social, humane, ecological and societal harmony and sustainability. With a pinch of humor, surprise and fun, so that you find the dog sometimes on instead of under the table.

We humans, life and so also the assortment offered here are always changing. Everything should be able to grow in different, new directions, naturally, partly also surprisingly – like a living tree. This is Livingtree.


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Industriestrasse 3
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+41 (0)44 731 38 38

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