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Cube HiFi-Beistelltisch und Lautsprecher inkl. Bluetooth und Plug and Play in höchster Klangqualität. Lifestyle Foto.

La Boite Concept

La Boîte Concept combines traditional HIFI know-how with contemporary design in the form of “ALL-IN-ONE solutions” adapted to new sound technologies (wireless connection, smartphones, tablets, computers). High-quality, innovative and technologically advanced products that are designed and implemented to be extremely user-friendly.

Released product image of Apollo Oak from Heerenhuis

Heerenhuis Manufactuur

Heerenhuis Manufactuur is a manufacturer of high-quality tables that impress with their uncomplicated, straightforward design and good carpentry. The company uses only genuine materials such as solid French oak wood with knots, uncoated steel and leather tanned with plants. Each table is unique and handcrafted in Belgium. Heerenhuis Manufactuur stands for timelessness, quality and craftsmanship. And yes, Heerenhuis Manufactuur offers more, for example, also cool chairs, armchairs and side tables.

Doppio Grid lampshade staged by Ay illuminate
Umut lamp staged by Ay illuminate

Ay illuminate

Ay Illuminate, a young company based in the Netherlands with production in various countries in Asia and Africa.

The designers of Ay illuminate, Ay lin Heinen, Mark Eden Schooley, Nelson Sepulveda and Caspar Heinen always work with what they find in nature and cultures around the world. Working closely with artisans in Asia and Africa, they explore the natural materials and traditional skills available. The result is contemporary, organically shaped designs made from natural materials using local techniques. Ay illuminate products celebrate the unique beauty of traditional craftsmanship around the globe.


Fogia is an award-winning Swedish design company and furniture manufacturer that collaborates with some of the most progressive contemporary designers working today. With its roots in Scandinavian design aesthetics, Fogia’s pieces are handcrafted in their own factory to strict quality and construction standards using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Graceful elegance and purposeful function are realized through genuine knowledge of craftsmanship and construction, whether the pieces are for the home or public spaces.

Courant Sauvage

Under the swaying shade of the pine forests of Landaise, Courant Sauvage ‘s ready-to-wear workshop unleashes its know-how to reinvent outdoor products in retro-vintage style.

The challenge here is both the relentless pursuit of quality and the integration into a sustainable cycle. For the manufacture of its parasols and deck chairs, Courant Sauvage contracts specialized companies and workshops, all of which operate less than a thousand kilometers from its site. Most of the links in this production chain have also been awarded the Origine France Garantie (OFG) or Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Français (EPV) labels. These awards are recognized hallmarks of excellence and mastery of a rare know-how rooted in tradition.

Thanks to its convictions and dedicated virtues of short distances, Courant Sauvage thus promotes an entire ecosystem based on French craftsmanship. This responsible approach to raw materials and suppliers is also anchored in respect for the people whose know-how forms the production tool.

The collections designed by Courant Sauvage combine the purity of a modern and elegant line with a deep originality of design. The incomparable expertise of the seamstresses is also reflected in the delicacy and robustness of the fabrics, which are at the service of products as authentic as the era that inspired them.

Stand Editions Stack 03 Brown/Green

Stan Editions

Stan Editions was founded in 2021 by 28-year-old Belgian Stan Verstraete in Ghent. His first collection, CANDL STACKS, is the result of a search for a new way to use candles and was inspired by the increasing supply of shaped candles. These unique modular candles encourage creativity and allow you to build and rearrange stacks of candles perfectly suited to your own universe, mood and interior.

What’s unique about Stan Editions is that it gives users, both end users and stores, the freedom to create their own towers or stacks. The Stan Editions pre-built stacks are just a start, they encourage creativity and provide the basic package to build upon. Adding a new color shape is enough to create a completely new stack. In this way, both the end user and stores get the opportunity to build stacks that are perfectly suited to their own world and décor.


Most of our lives are spent indoors with poor air quality, which is a significant but invisible problem. Hans realized that a visible solution was needed and came up with the idea of the “canary in the coal mine”. This idea inspired him to immediately call his longtime friend Andreas and ask him if he would be interested in starting a bird company. Andreas agreed, they founded Birdie and together they put their idea into practice.

However, they quickly discovered that developing, manufacturing and marketing an innovative product is very expensive. To raise money, they decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. On April 5, 2022, they launched the campaign and within 30 days they raised nearly $500,000. The support of thousands of customers from more than 63 countries around the world overwhelmed the two entrepreneurs.

What originally started as a hobby project quickly became a full-time job for the two friends. They are now on a mission to improve air quality in millions of homes, offices and schools worldwide.


The perfect fusion of tradition and natural ingredients. A manufacturer that redefines body care. Manisante believes in a holistic skincare experience that appeals to all the senses, brings nature closer and nourishes the soul.

Manisante’s products are made from all-natural ingredients that nourish and cleanse, and are complemented by exclusive handcrafted fragrances. Inspired by the classics of traditional perfumery, the fragrances are the result of unique experiments and blends.

Environmental protection is at the heart of our philosophy. The entire line is 100% vegan and free from animal testing. Careful attention is paid to minimizing the environmental impact of production – from the selection of ingredients to lightweight and environmentally friendly packaging.

Buy Manisante through our online store for a skincare experience that nourishes body and soul and respects the environment. Passion and attention to detail go into every product.


Tamanohada has been producing fine soaps since 1892 and is one of the oldest soap manufacturers in Japan. A simple white ball of soap began their journey over 125 years ago, and today they offer a diverse selection of dense and long-lasting soaps in enchanting shapes and scents designed to delight all the senses.

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