Tamanohada round soap

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Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation and well-being with Tamanohada Round Soap. This soap is not only a gift, but also a symbol of time for yourself and the opportunity to come to rest. Inspired by Japanese tradition, this soap is perfect to give someone a time out.

Tamanohada Soap Factory, with a history of 116 years, is located in the heart of Tokyo. It stands for craftsmanship and quality. Each soap is carefully made and has a unique design.

The round soap is based on sustainable palm oil and is enriched with pure essential oils that help to clear the mind and relax. With its smooth, seamless shape, it fits comfortably in the hand and makes washing a sensual experience.

Each soap is packed in an elegant square box. The packaging reflects the elegance and sophistication of the product, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones or for yourself.

Choose from a variety of scents, including gardenia, musk, orange or rose, and transform your daily cleansing routine into a fragrant wellness experience.

Tamanohada Round Soap is made from 100% natural oils and is RSPO certified. So you can be sure that it was made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Bring the magic of Japanese relaxation to your bathroom with Tamanohada Round Soap. Treat yourself or your loved ones to moments of peace and pampering with the traditional Tamanohada soap and experience the luxury made in Japan.

  • 100 % natural oils
  • 125 g
  • RSPO-certified
  • Made in Japan

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