Square turntable

Price: CHF 750

The SQUARE turntable offers high-fidelity playback of vinyl records. Its sturdy construction made of high quality plywood provides perfect stability without vibrations. GOOD VIBES ONLY anti-vibration technology ensures that no unwanted vibrations are transmitted. This is achieved by 4 customized shock absorbers that absorb all vibrations. In addition, an absorbent felt made of a mixture of leather and cork on the turntable provides an even softer support for the records.

The arm, which is made of aluminum and manufactured by the Austrian experts at Pro-Ject, is gently placed on the LP with a delicate crank. Listening to it, the crackle so characteristic sends a shiver down the spine: The sound is of great purity, thanks mainly to the Ortofon OM10 cartridge, whose elliptical diamond follows the groove and reproduces the melody with the precision of a goldsmith. You can choose between two playback modes: with or without preamplifier. Installation is a breeze and requires no adjustments or counterweights.

Wipe dry / remove dust with feather duster

Mass: L35 x l35 x h12cm
Weight: 5 kg

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