Parasol Pablo

Price: CHF 790

A high quality parasol, which picks up vintage influences – available in different colors.

  • 100% acrylic cloth, dyed through with high quality pigments; water repellent, UV and mildew resistant cloth.
  • Flat cap for pressure relief.
  • Fringes made of 100% non-bleached cotton; made to measure.
  • Frame made of fiberglass.
  • Mast made of ash wood and protective saturation.
  • Solid aluminum alloy center compound and white epoxy powder coating.
  • Stainless steel end pieces.

The varnish protects the wooden stick. If necessary, it can be cleaned at room temperature with clear water. Depending on use and exposure, it should be painted every one to two years.

To clean the acrylic fabric, use a soft brush and clear water at room temperature on a regular basis. Avoid soaps or chemical products at all costs and dry the fabric immediately after cleaning.

In the case of stains:
Act quickly and immediately absorb excess liquid with absorbent paper and rinse the material with clean water at room temperature. Tap the material to loosen dirt from the fabric. Thorough drying is essential.

** Do not wash. Do not use soap or cleaning agents **
The warranty is void if these recommendations are not followed.

Supplied without shade base.

Height: 2.2 m
Diameter: 2 m
Mast diameter: 3.2 cm
Weight: 5 kg

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